Exhibitor : block9 Co. Ltd.


Industrial Robots

Brand : IPLUSMOBOT Model : EMMA400L

2022-10-14 08:22:54


Product Information

block9 Co. Ltd.

CEO : Son Younghwan

Phone Number : 070-8652-1857

Address :

Homepage : www.blocknine.co.kr/main/index.html

About Us

Block Nine is a startup (venture company) proud of the world's best automation in the field of winding, starting with ARCUS automatic winding, automatic winding system of Troyal coil, bobbin type and bobbinless type coil winding, and motor automatic winding system.
It also launches industrial and cooperative robot logistics robots such as TM, IPLUSMOBOT, TOYO, and establishes a smart environment for HYUNDAI and POSCO to automatically connect and integrate with peripherals such as machine tending, palletizing, inspection process, bending automation, welding automation, and logistics automation.