Exhibitor : THOTH

Deep Sorter


Brand : Thoth.Inc Model : TH-DS-2021-01


Product Information


CEO : Lee Sang Hyoung

Phone Number : 02-463-8030

Address : 1009, 144, Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Homepage : www.thoth.ws

About Us

Thoth Inc. is a robotics company which develops and sells artificial intelligence-based robot and smart machine solutions. Specifically, Thoth Inc. develops and supplies general-purpose (collaborative) robots and smart machine solutions that autonomously learn from demonstrations by filed workers without a specific customization process according to a variety of process changes.

Thoth Inc. provides the following products and services through deep learning-based imitation learning and reinforcement learning:
1. Deep Worker: A product with a collaborative robot capable of automating about 30 kinds of processes.
2. Deep Sorter: A product with conveyors capable of inspecting atypical object , sorting normal and abnormal, and controlling conveyor.
3. Deep Brain: A subscription service that can provide deep learning-based imitation learning/self-learning functions by communicating with pre-installed and used equipment.
4. Deep Solution: A brokerage service that can link its own solution with existing SI companies (If the demanding company provides process photos, process automation solutions are proposed and then some related SI companies are brokered).

Thoth's solutions has the following features:
- Automatic creation of collaborative robot software solutions for process automation.
- Elimination of process automation experts.
- Operation and maintenance possible by field workers.
- Lease, rental, subscription to reduce initial investment cost of process automation.
- Expansion of available (application) processes.